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Highland escapee

Highland escapee

The Escapee 

They say "the grass is not always greener on the other side" it definetly was for this girl; but not for long.

Things are starting to get busy here on the farm.  Fencing is a job to be done before we let the dairy cows out into the fields, for spring and summer grazing.

Made a bit more urgent when one of the Highland cows decides to find her way into a lush field of grass that was planned for the dairy cows.

IMG 3485 (002)

Four at the right side of the fence, with the escapee licking her lips.

DSC 0275

Over the last few weeks we have been busy spreading fertilizer and slurry, both of these help the grass grow for silage time.
(silage is grass that is cut in the summer and stored for winter feed).  Then harrowing and rolling, when the fields look stripy pushing down any loose stones that could cause damage to machinery at silage time.

DSC 0383

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